Who knows? 😊

Who knows? 😊

November 06, 2021

We often get questions from customers about the exact performance of a certain machine, a certain type.
We always answer very carefully, because it depends on many circumstances.
In particular, the moisture and grain shape, grain size, crushing roughness, grooving and condition of the crushing rollers.

However, the situation this week proves that sometimes it seems to have no logic.
As you probably know, we operate one ROmiLL CP2 machine, as a contractor machine.
We more or less share advertising and also promote the method of harvesting and crushing wet corn grain with storage in a silage bag.

For a machine of this type, we state in our brochures and tables that the performance is up to 40 tons per hour. Less with fine grinding.
We operated the machine in one company, and we were not able to achieve performance over 25t / hour.
In a few days we moved to a neighboring farm. The performance on 38% wet maize is 53 tons per hour now. Take a look at the photography.

And this is a machine equipped with rollers configuration 4 / 4 4 / 4 grooves per 1 cm and the grain is processed quite finely.

So who knows ... 😊

But still better than stating that the machine will reach a capacity of 100 tons per hour and the reality would only be 60 tons per hour, are we right?



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