An efficient method of processing feed materials

The feed value of processed material from ROmiLL roller grinders, crushers and crimpers increases the digestibility and production efficiency of feed. These machines are used for processing most feed materials – especially grains, legumes, oilseeds, etc. They can be used for processing both food and non-food production. 

Robust design

The high hardness of the working rollers

The simple and quick setting of feed coarseness

The unique system of protection against damage

S series - Roller grinders

During roller grinding, grain is processed by shearing when passing through the grinding area between two grooved rollers that rotate at different speeds. Grindings from roller grinders feature their homogenous structure with a minimum dust content. After a consultation with us, it is possible to choose from several grooving types and also from two surface finishes of working rollers.

  • Electrical energy saving is up to 70 % for coarse crushing and 30–50 % for fine crushing.
  • The feed is very suitable for monogastric animals.
  • During the production of feed for broilers using a roller grinder, it is possible to skip completely granulation.

M series - Roller crimpers

The roller crimpers treat grain by the action of the pressure between two rollers that rotate at the same circumferential speed. The purpose of processing feed by crimping is to transform a caryopsis into a cohesive flake. Its integrity is significantly influenced by the moisture of the raw material to be processed. After a consultation with us, it is possible to choose from two surface finishes of working rollers. Crimped feed is intended for ruminants.

  • The crimped grain in a feed ration of milk cows improves milk efficiency by up to 0.5 liter per head/day.
  • Only 5 % of nutrients from grain the crimping of which is of high quality pass to excrements.
  • The desired utilization of nutrients by enzymatic digestion happens in the so-called post-ruminal part of the digestive tract due to the low surface-to-weight ratio of particles.
  • Digestive tract peristalsis improves due to the longer stimulation of mechanoreceptors.
  • The ruminant compartments of calves develop more intensively, which increases the ability to accept dry materials when they become adult.

SG series - Pellet crushers

Pellet crushers are used most often for poultry mixtures, especially for the chicken category. The granule press uses matrices with larger holes and the desired pellet structure is achieved by crushing larger pellets subsequently. This also results in electrical energy saving.

  • The grain size can be set precisely and simply.
  • Minimum dust crump only is created. 

SR series - Rapeseed crushers

Machines for crushing rapeseed and its subsequent use for feed mixtures. Rapid return on investment originates from the elimination of or decrease in fatting, or by replacing rape forage cakes in feed mixtures.

Crushers are also used in oil pressing shops for the preliminary crushing of rapeseed before pressing. 

  • The machine is not clogged.
  • Full bedstraw seed occurrence is eliminated completely.
  • The remains of not crushed seed range from 0.2 to 1.5 % only.
  • The utilization rate is increased by up to 5 % when oils are pressed. 

MS series - Roller brewing barley crimpers

A grain crimper with specially grooved rollers for crimping malt. The structure of the final product can be adjusted very precisely.

  • It meets a wide range of brewing barley grin size requirements.
  • A roller brewing barley crimiper with an output of up to 10 tons/hour can be manufactured at request.

Loose material mixers

The MIXER H two-rotor horizontal mixers are used for mixing fast and efficiently components of various kinds and forms of loose materials in many processing industries.
The machines are used not only for biological materials but also for inorganic raw materials.

  • The mixing equipment accuracy is higher than 1: 10,000
  • Mixing using two spirals working oppositely and placed on two rotors.
  • This machine starts also when the chamber is filled.
  • All components can be weighted on one tensometric scale.
  • Unification with ROmiLL roller machines.
  • The base of a compact and variable feed mixture production plant.
  • A low construction height.
  • A stainless variant.
  • Also smaller variants of the machine can be produced.

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