Loose material mixers:


Mixer of loose materials

  • The mixing equipment accuracy is higher than 1: 10,000
  • Mixing using two spirals working oppositely and placed on two rotors.
  • This machine starts also when the chamber is filled.
  • All components can be weighted on one tensometric scale.
  • Unification with ROmiLL roller machines.
  • The base of a compact and variable feed mixture production plant.
  • A low construction height.
  • A stainless variant.
  • Also smaller variants of the machine can be produced.


Driven by an electric motor 3x400 V, 50 Hz7,5 kW
Mixing tank capacity1,6 m
Weight of mixed batch (depends on mixture sort)cca 500 kg
Batch processing time6 - 10 min, 3 - 5 t/h
Weight1 300kg


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