Hello everybody,

We would like to inform you that ROmiLL company has undergone a relatively fundamental transformation.

The original company ROmiLL spol. s r.o (estabilished in 1991) as well as the company ROmiLL Microwawe s.r.o. (estabilished in 2018) will continue to focus on the "Industrial Microwave Heating" program. Both companies will operate at the original address in Brno, Tkalcovská 14, Czech Republic.

A new company ROmiLL AGRICULTURE s.r.o. was estabilished (estabilished in 2021), which will continue the complete program of development, production, sale and service of agricultural (feed) machines and equipment.
Its headquarters is in Bohuslavice 4083, 696 55 Kyjov, Czech Republic.  
Ownership structure:
50% Martin Vopálka, 40% Radek Házy, 10% Jiří Stejskal
Business management of the company:
Martin Vopálka, CEO
Jiří Stejskal, CFO
Denisa Boušková, COO, HR Director

Other key positions:
Zdeněk Fridrich, Production Director
Ivo Hanuš, Project Manager

The new company will also continue to use the ROmiLL trademark and logo.

We take over all warranties for machines manufactured by ROmiLL, spol. s r.o., as well as we deliver everything you have ordered from ROmiLL, spol. s r.o.

We look forward to meeting you.

The company ROmiLL AGRICULTURE s.r.o. - YouTube

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