Roller crimpers

The roller crimpers treat grain by the action of the pressure between two rollers that rotate at the same circumferential speed. The purpose of processing feed by crimping is to transform a caryopsis into a cohesive flake. Its integrity is significantly influenced by the moisture of the raw material to be processed. After a consultation with us, it is possible to choose from two surface finishes of working rollers. Crimped feed is intended for ruminants.

  • The crimped grain in a feed ration of milk cows improves milk efficiency by up to 0.5 liter per head/day.
  • Only 5 % of nutrients from grain the crimping of which is of high quality pass to excrements.
  • The desired utilization of nutrients by enzymatic digestion happens in the so-called post-ruminal part of the digestive tract due to the low surface-to-weight ratio of particles.
  • Digestive tract peristalsis improves due to the longer stimulation of mechanoreceptors.
  • The ruminant compartments of calves develop more intensively, which increases the ability to accept dry materials when they become adult.

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