Sweep augers

Sweep augers

Sweep augers are used for horizontal transport, when it is not possible to use the gravity emptying of the grain silo any more.

We supply sweep augers in two basic versions:

  • DNS type – the drive (engine and flexible clutch) is located inside the silo, easier assembly. 

Residual output

Capacity (t/h)305080100
Silo diameter (m)≤ 21,4≤ 21,4≤ 25≤ 21,4
Input power (kW)2,2 - 5,53 - 7,54 - 115,5 - 11
  • BM type – the drive is under the floor of silo and is accesible even when the silo is full.

Residual output

Capacity (t/h)5080100
Silo diameter (m)≥ 22≥ 26≥ 26
Input power (kW)5,5 - 7,55,5 - 115,5 - 15

ROmiLL represents the Denis brand

French company Denis is one of the world's largest manufacturers of conveyors, purifiers and other equipment for agriculture and other industries. We have been representing the D brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2005.

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